A list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our staking-as-a-service platform. If you have any further questions, please contact [email protected]
What is Validation Cloud's deposit smart contract address?
How do I get a Staking API key?
Please email us at [email protected] in order to request a key.
Do I need 32 ETH to stake with Validation Cloud
Yes. We check that your wallet contains 32 ETH plus gas in order to deposit to the Ethereum deposit contract. If you want to deploy more than 1 validator, we check that you have an increment of 32 ETH to supply.
How many validators can I deploy at a time?
At the moment, you can deploy up to 100 validators with us in a single transaction or API request. If you have more validators to deploy, we ask that you issue a new, separate transaction.
How long does it take to start earning protocol rewards?
Once the staking transaction is issued, it will depend on how long the protocol's queue is before your validator can be accepted to begin validating. This can range between several days, and is also viewable here: As soon as your validator is accepted and making attestations, you will notice protocol rewards accruing to your validator.
What is Validation Cloud's commission?
We take an estimated 10% of total rewards.
Are your smart contracts audited?
Yes. We have partnered with Certik to perform extensive auditing of the relevant smart contracts.
How can I unstake or exit the validator?
The dashboard is accessible by your Validation Cloud account, or via the "Exit Validators" staking API command. In the dashboard, there will be an "exit" button that you can click to take you through the exit flow. Note that there is an exit queue within the Ethereum protocol ( so it may take several hours up to several days to exit, and have your principal funds returned back to your withdrawal address.