Supported JSON-RPC methods for Avalanche mainnet and fuji testnet.

Exchange Chain (X-Chain):

The X-chain is used for sending and receiving funds, however, it is not used for Defi platforms. Also, note that x-chain cannot be used with MetaMask or similar wallets. Your X-chain address is accessed from the Avalanche web wallet, and you get a new address after every deposit (note that your old addresses remain valid too). The format is different from Ethereum-style 0x addresses and begins with an "X-avax". The trailing endpoint for X-Chain calls is:

The trailing endpoint for X-Chain calls is:

To interact with X-Chain via the JSON-RPC endpoint:

To interact with other instances of the EVM via the JSON-RPC endpoint:

(where "blockchainID" is the ID of the EVM chain)

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